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How to Form a Successful Workout Group


How to Form a Successful Workout Group

Whether you are looking to form a group to tackle the gym, go for a walk, or make running a social event, studies have shown working out with others benefits you in a myriad of ways. Finding the perfect group can often be a challenge, so I’ve found it’s easier just to start your own! Be sure to consider the following when putting together your group.

Escape Your Comfort Zone
A great way to improve your fitness levels and challenge your limits is by forming a workout group. This will help you spark the flame of competition and realize improvements in no time. If you’ve been comfortable with working out by yourself, take the risk in joining others and enable them to hold you accountable.

Size Matters
Depending on the type of exercise you will be embarking on, you have to decide on a manageable size of your workout group. With relation to size you also have to figure out how much space you have available for the group exercise. Outdoor running or boot camp exercises can easily be practiced outside or at your local park.

It’s better to start out with a smaller group and see how things evolve instead of making it your goal to immediately grow the numbers.

Set a Time and Date
In order for your members to stick to the program, they have to be aware of the time and dates your exercise sessions will take place. Decide how many days per week the group will meet and choose a time that will suit everyone involved. This way you will be able to hold each other accountable and reach your goals together.

Consider Others
When forming a fitness group, you have to consider the preferences of all the individuals. Either choose a specific exercise to focus on, or allow the members to make suggestions as to which exercises you will be doing. A group of experts might be able to teach each other new methods of exercise, giving everyone the chance to push their fitness levels.

If you want a group to help you train for a particular fitness event, limit the group members to those individuals aiming to reach the same goal.

Establish a Leader
Even though these workout groups don’t always need to be serious or intense, it does help to establish a leader. It is all about utilizing the group’s strengths and weaknesses. One member might enjoy managing the admin, routines, or calendar and another might be the positive-minded motivator. Work with what and who you have to reach success.

What makes groups you’ve been a part of in the past, successful?


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