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How to Dress for Summer Outdoor Workouts


How to Dress for Summer Outdoor Workouts

At last, the sun is starting to show its face and you are urged to take your sweat-sessions outdoors! The only problem is that you are still stuck with your winter workout gear and need to shed some clothes in order to shed some weight.

Exercising outdoors during the heated summer months can be an exhilarating and even enjoyable experience when you are wearing the right clothes and accessories. Have a look at these summer workout must-haves.

Heat-Friendly Headbands
One of the best ways to face your heated workout is by wearing a headband. This way, your hair will be out of your way, no matter the weather. Headbands are like wristbands for your face and will absorb your sweat. Not all headbands fit comfortably, so choose one that suits your shape and doesn’t fall or slide off while exercising.

Get Some Cover
Summer time exercise goes hand in hand with sun-protection. If you are going to spend a lot of time exercising outdoors, you should use sunscreen with a high SPF, as well as a sunhat or exercise cap. In the summer time, you should opt for a light cap with ‘breathing’ features as well.

Clothes That Breathe
Your workout clothes should help you exercise at an optimum level. They certainly should not be holding you back or hindering your progress. Believe it or not, the right workout clothes can help you exercise at your best. Choose clothes that are made from lighter materials and have mesh or ‘breathing’ features. Make sure that your clothes fit properly and are comfortable while moving. Try to avoid baggy sleeves and straps that can hinder your workout.

Tough in Tanks
If you are a fitness fanatic, you probably own a few tank tops. These are ideal for your heated workout outside. These tops may have built-in support, which provide added comfort for women.

The Right Underwear
Make sure that you wear comfortable exercise underwear that will give you the necessary support and comfort. Before you head outdoors, jump around a bit in the clothes you intend to wear to see if anything is bothering or hindering you.

Most importantly, be sure to stay hydrated! While running in the heat can help burn those extra calories, you are at a much higher risk of becoming dehydrated, so keep the fluids coming!

What do you wear in the summer to make working out in the heat more comfortable and enjoyable?

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