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How To Deal With Shin Splints


How To Deal With Shin Splints

If you’ve ever dealt with shin splints (pain in the lower leg on either side of the shin bone), you know exactly how painful and excruciating this occurrence can be. There is nothing worse than going for a run only to stop mid-way because the pain is so unbearable. Unfortunately, shin splints can often linger, but if you understand the problem you might be able to find a solution.

Take It Easy
Shin splints can be caused when suddenly embarking on a new exercise regime after being out of action for a while. These strenuous exercises can do damage to your muscles and you have to give them time to rest and recover. Don’t push yourself too hard! Do your muscles a favor and gradually ease into it.

If The Shoe Fits
A big culprit in causing shin splints is wearing the wrong shoes. You need to invest in quality training and running shoes to provide you and your anatomy with the best possible support. If your shoes are unable to absorb the shock from your movements, they will be unable to prevent what causes shin splints.

Know Your Body
If you are struggling with shin splints regularly, it would be best to see a specialist. It might be the case that your body’s ‘mechanics’ need to be addressed. A specialist might be able to suggest additional exercises to strengthen other parts of your body, or offer customized shoe ‘pillows’ to help with shock absorption.

Ice It Out
When dealing with shin splints it is a good idea to either take an ice bath, or massage your shins with ice packs. You can also get ice cups that are designed for nurturing this area without freezing your fingers off! Icing will help with the swelling and inflammation. Remember to cover the ice and don’t exceed 15 minutes of treatment.

Stretch Those Muscles
Another preventative method is stretching your muscles. Focus particularly on the calf muscles and hamstrings, and make sure you stretch these areas every time, just before you start your exercise routine. Stretching helps with the treatment of shin splints, but it’s also important for preventing all kinds of exercise related injuries.

What do you do to deal with (or even prevent) shin splints?


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