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How to Avoid Germs at the Gym


How to Avoid Germs at the Gym

Even though most people go to the gym to improve their health, some unfortunately leave with germs and bacteria that can make them sick. Luckily, for those attentive individuals among us, there are a few things you can do to avoid germs at the gym.

Don’t Touch Too Much
Try to avoid touching your face, eyes and mouth after using communal equipment. The equipment isn’t necessarily bacteria-ridden, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Always wash your hands after your workout, before you even hit your locker.

Barefoot Bathroom Bust
Don’t ever walk around barefoot at your local gym. If you are using the shower or sauna facilities, wear flip-flops or other protective footgear. This way, you can protect yourself from the ever-present athlete’s foot bacteria that thrives in these heated conditions.

Communal Cleaning
Nothing is more annoying than watching someone sweat all over a machine and not wipe it down. Wipe down the machine’s handles and screen, as well as the buttons you might have touched. Even though most gyms have a cleaning staff managing the hygiene, it is useful and polite to clean the equipment anyway. I tend to do this even before I start my workout, in case the person before me didn’t wipe it down. It’s better to be safe!

Get Enough Shut-Eye
This is not an excuse to skip the gym or to take a nap at the gym, but getting enough sleep will allow your body to function at its optimum level, which is beneficial to your body’s immune system. A lack of sleep will make you more susceptible to illness and disease. Make sure you are getting close to 8 hours of shuteye per night.

Separate the Sweat
Sweat is a breeding ground for bacteria, so be sure to separate the clean and dirty clothes in your gym bag. It is best to shower before you leave the gym and to put your sweaty gym gear in a separate bag. Don’t leave your gym bag with dirty clothes in the sun, or filled with dirty clothes in the corner. Throw your dirty clothes in the wash and allow your flip-flops to dry before wearing them again. I also suggest spraying the inside of your gym bag with Lysol, or a similar anti-bacterial spray at least once per week.

Bring Your Own Groom Gear
It is best to steer clear from soap or towel sharing. Bring your own soap, shampoo, face wash, and towels to the gym. This is another ‘home’ for fungus and bacteria and you certainly don’t want to expose yourself to unnecessary germs at the gym.

What do you do to avoid germs at the gym?

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