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Six Healthy Tailgating Tips for Football Season


Six Healthy Tailgating Tips for Football Season

heathy tailgate tips

Football season is officially in full swing, which means many of us will be headed to weekly get-togethers and celebrations. Getting together with friends and family always leads to eating, at least at my house. There can be plenty of tempting food and drinks to choose from when you’re tailgating or at a house party, so you need to be prepared. You need a game plan.

1. Home Field Advantage

The best way to control what you eat and drink while tailgating is to host the party. If that isn’t an option, offer to supply at least some of the food and beverage options. At the very least, bring something for yourself that you know you can eat and enjoy. Don’t go into the game unprepared.

2. False Start

In an actual game, a false start is pretty awful. In tailgating, it’s a great way to prevent over-eating. Have a small, protein packed snack before the party. You’re less likely to make poor choices based on hunger. Continue snacking on delicious, protein-based items like Bumble Bee’s Buffalo Chicken Dip recipe throughout the day and you’ll stay fuller longer! Check out our chicken, salmon, and canned tuna recipes for Game Day.

3. Illegal Substitution

Don’t be afraid to make last minute changes to the food line up. Do the hosts have chips with the dip? To bump up the nutrients, steal some veggies or fruit from a different tray and go to town. Pro tip: apples taste amazing in cheddar cheese dip!

4. Water Boy

Hit the water cooler often! Often times, people confuse thirst for hunger. The last thing you want is to feel hungry when you’ve had plenty to eat. And – as you’ve heard before – remember to drink a glass of water between beers. You’ll thank me later.

5. Control the Clock

Tailgating is a long process. Try doing something other than eating and drinking to pass the time. If you’re tailgating before the game, play a round of corn hole or lawn golf. Hopefully the actual football game is exciting enough to hold your attention after kickoff!

6. No Excessive Celebration

Don’t go overboard, but remember to have fun. Choose a splurge or two and enjoy it! You aren’t going to become out of shape from eating one football shaped brownie. Relax and let loose, but be responsible.

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