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Meet Willow and Stephanie

Stephanie Clarke and Willow Jarosh are registered dietitians and the duo behind C&J Nutrition…

Meet Presley Salmon

Presley Salmon is the blogger behind RunPrettyBlog.com. She is a wife, mom, and fitness enthusiast…

Latest articles

Bumble Bee Foods and SAP Create Blockchain to Track Fresh Fish from Ocean to Table

AUSTIN, Texas (March 8, 2019) /PRNewswire/ -- SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) and Bumble Bee Foods, North America's largest branded shelf-stable seafood company, today announced Bumble Bee Foods is using the SAP® Cloud Platform Blockchain service to trace the journey of yellowfin tuna from the Indonesian ocean to the dinner table. Together, SAP and Bumble Bee continue to innovate and improve upon seafood traceability as more and more consumers demand to know their food is safe and sustainably sourced. This announcement was made at SXSW, taking place March 8–17 in Austin, Texas. With SAP's blockchain technology, consumers and customers will be able to easily access the complete origin and history of…

healthy resolutions
Beyond Weight Loss: Healthy New Year Resolutions

More often than not, January resolutions fade into February guilt. The reason is pretty simple: we take on too much, too quickly. We put a lot of thought into the ‘what’ and almost no thought into the ‘how’. Two of the most common (and most failed) resolutions are to lose weight and to exercise more. While those resolutions are certainly worthy of the effort, they aren’t always easily achieved. Without breaking them into specific and measurable goals, it can become overwhelming to try to tackle them. My favorite tip when it comes to achieving your resolutions is to start small.…

should you snack
Should You Snack?

When people start a new diet or routine, they often question how much they should be snacking. Registered dietitian, Willow Jarosh, lets you know the bottom line when it comes to snacking https://youtu.be/n4KzHiRFE8c?list=PLbrsoCWYblvTYEwO45bLzu-KOAhRlPh0s

christmas workout
Holiday Workouts

Staying fit during the holidays is no simple task. Kids are home from school, gyms may be closed, and schedules are all out of whack. If you’re short on time, space, and equipment this season, there is no need to panic. With a bit of creativity and a little motivation, you can still get in a quality workout while at home or on the road. To squeeze in a quick but efficient sweat session, check out my favorite holiday-themed workouts below. If you’re going to stay active this season, you might as well make it fun! Happy Holidays HIIT Workout:…