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Healthy Family Tips for Mother’s Day


Healthy Family Tips for Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is the day we show Mom how much we appreciate her by performing acts of kindness and spending some extra time together. Whether you’re bringing her breakfast in bed, treating her to brunch, or making her dinner, food is often essential to the celebration. Incorporating seafood into these meals helps ensure Mom, and the rest of the family, stays healthy. Often, Americans forget to incorporate seafood into their diets, and according to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, people aren’t eating enough of the recommended amount – 12 ounces each week. We’ve collaborated with C&J Nutrition to bring you some of our favorite ways to incorporate seafood into your diet. Whether it’s a quick meal, or a unique recipe you’re craving, we’ve got you covered.

1. Simple Swap

We have our own favorite protein packed recipes that find their way into our meal plan each week. Using one of these favorite recipes, and swapping out your traditional protein for fish is an easy way to meet the suggested 2-3 weekly servings of seafood. Some of our favorite substitutions are salmon burgers, tuna nachos, and shrimp tacos.

2. Spice it Up

Using the right spices in your recipes can take an ordinary meal to extraordinary. Bold flavoring gives seafood dishes that punch you’ve been looking for. Italian herbs, Mexican spices, and Middle Eastern mix Za’atar are top picks for Bumble Bee® wellness experts Willow and Stephanie.

3. Cook Together

Getting kids involved in the kitchen is a great way to get them excited about what they’re eating.  Some of our favorite seafood recipes to make with the family are avocado tuna sandwiches and beginner sushi rolls.

4. Make it a Bowl

Customize your meals by creating protein packed bowls at home. Start with your base layer of whole grains and add your seafood and veggies. Top it off with a favorite condiment, like teriyaki sauce. These make for fun dinners and are the perfect way to meal prep. Here’s one of our favorite recipes: the Paleo Tuna Bowl.

5. Take it To-Go

Finding the time to cook, eat, and clean up, are obstacles that keep us from choosing healthier options. That’s when having on-the-go options, like Bumble Bee® Seasoned Tuna Pouches, really come in handy. Keep one of our convenient seasoned tuna pouches with spoon in your bag for your next road trip or gym session.

This Mother’s Day, start cooking together and discover more seafood recipe ideas the whole family will love here.

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