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Halloween Running: Costumes You Can Run In


Halloween Running: Costumes You Can Run In

As we approach Halloween, there will be a lot of runs that you can do in costume for fun.  While you may not think of running in a costume to be fun – running with hundreds of others in costume can be a blast.  Here are some thoughts on running in costume.

A Classic

You usually can’t go wrong with dressing up in classic costumes for a run.  For example, you can be a pirate, a clown, a vampire, or more.  These costumes are usually simple attire, maybe a wig, and some makeup.  As a result, you can usually run pretty easily in any costume and not worry too much.

A Celebrity

Other fun choices for Halloween costumes are celebrities or famous people.  You can be the President, an actor or actress, or even a reality TV star.  The same principles apply as the classic costumes – you usually just need an outfit and some mannerism to match your favorite celebrity.  These costumes also allow for freedom to run.

Careful with the Masks

If you are thinking about getting a costume with a mask, you need to be very careful to ensure that you can still maintain your sight while running.  With many masks, it can be hard to look down and see the road.  Also, masks have a tendency to move around a lot if you’re running, so you want to make sure you have a tight fit.  Finally, breathing!   Many masks don’t make it easy to breathe through them, so make sure that you test out the airflow before buying one.

What to Avoid

Finally, there are some costumes you should just avoid if you’re planning on running (or at least running comfortably).  For example, avoid full body suits – like banana suits or full clown suits.  These suits make it impossible to run for any distance, and many don’t offer the best footwear for running.  Also, you probably want to avoid props for your costume, as they can be tedious to carry as you run.

Have you ever run in a costume?



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