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Gym Bag Essentials


Gym Bag Essentials

While I do most of my working out at home or in my neighborhood, there are times when I pack up and hit the gym. On those occasions, I find myself needing the same items over and over again. I finally got my act together and started packing the “perfect” gym bag.


There are a few basic things that I know I’ll always be reaching for: a great all-purpose bag, a change of clothes, a way to “clean up”, fuel and hydration, and random accessories that I’m always losing.




Below you will find my top picks in each category:


Gym Bag: I don’t need a designer bag, but I do need one that works. The Cruise Duffel from Augusta Active is my current go-to. There are storage pockets, it’s easy to clean, and it happens to be pretty cute.


Clothing: After my workout, I don’t always have time to go home and change before I’m on to the next adventure. Most of the time, as long as I have a clean shirt to toss on, I’m good to go. I love the Charisma Top from Holloway lately. It’s the perfect layering piece and it comes in hot pink. Sold.


Snacks: The one thing I know I’ll need after a good sweat-fest is food. The more protein it has, the better I’ll feel. You really can’t go wrong with a Bumble Bee® Snack on the Run! Ready-to-Eat Kit. Seriously, go stock up because these will easily become your favorite post-gym snack.


Headphones: When it comes to headphones, wireless have my heart. I am so uncoordinated, that a cord is literally dangerous to my health. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten tangled up on the treadmill. No good. This pair from JBL is a great option.


Hair Ties: I can’t even tell you how many hair ties I’ve purchased and subsequently lost in my lifetime. I’d probably be rich if I just cut my hair into a cute bob. This style of hairband is definitely the best because they look cute tossed on as a bracelet, which helps me hold onto them just a bit longer.


Dry Shampoo: The part of me that takes the biggest hit during workouts is my hair. It’s usually a disaster, especially if I take time to run while I’m at the gym. I honestly don’t know how I survived without this miracle spray. When it comes to post gym hair, I tend to just choose an affordable dry shampoo like this one from Batiste.


Face Wipes: After I straighten out the mess that is my hair, I sometimes need to freshen up my face. I love ones with fresh scents and these Brightening Facial Towelettes are perfect. Grapefruit smells a whole lot better than sweat.


Water Bottle: The one thing I always, always have? Water. I’m a little picky, though, and I prefer the filtered variety. The Groove Bottle from CamelBak is a good choice, because it filters right in the bottle.


What are your gym bag essentials? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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