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Getting Outside: Fun Winter Activities


Getting Outside: Fun Winter Activities


Brace yourselves: winter is coming! While freezing temperatures may make lounging by the fire sound like the ideal way to spend the next few months, it’s important to commit to staying as active as possible. The good news is that many fun winter activities are also really great workouts. Check out the list below for some ideas on how to get moving (and love it!) this season.


Skip the slopes and try your hand at cross-country skiing. Without gravity pulling you along, your upper and lower body have to put in some serious work to keep you moving. Set a distance and race to the finish. Loser buys the next round of hot chocolate. 

Ice Skating

Skating is a fun, affordable option for groups with various ages and skill levels. The longer you skate and the faster you make your way around the rink, the more calories you’ll burn. Not quite freezing where you live? Find an indoor rink!


Want to take it a bit slower but still reap the workout rewards? Give snowshoeing a try. It’s a solid lower body workout and a good way to take in the sights. If you don’t have access to snowshoes (or snow, for that matter), a hike will do just fine. 


This one sounds pretty easy, because you’re sitting as you ride downhill. The real work comes every time you hike back up to the top dragging that sled or tube. The more fun you want to have, the more work you have to do.

Playing in the Snow

When all else fails, just go play. Snowball fights will have you sprinting up and down the yard in record time, and building forts and snowmen is tough work. As long as you get outside and get active, you’re good to go.

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