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Four Fun Ideas For An Earth Day Workout


Four Fun Ideas For An Earth Day Workout

Bee Active Earth Day Work Out

Every year in April, people all over the world celebrate Earth Day to show their support for environmental protection. One fun way to honor the day is to take part in an outdoor workout, especially if you pick up after yourself and others while you’re at it. Getting outdoors helps us remember the importance of taking care of our environment, gives us a chance to clean up a section of town, and helps us squeeze in a bit of activity into our day. At a loss for what you can do? Check out the list below.

Hit the Trails

Whether you walk, bike, hike, or run, the views from the trail are pretty hard to beat. Miles tend to fly by when you’re busy taking in the natural beauty of spring during your workout. To add in a bit of weight training to your cardio, just stop at regular intervals to complete bodyweight moves like push ups and squat jumps. If you’re really feeling adventurous, take advantage of some of the natural obstacles out there. Low branches are great for pull-ups and stumps or boulders are perfect for step-ups or tricep dips.

Grab a Group

If you’re heading outside, why not bring along some friends? Team sports are the perfect way to burn a few calories while having a blast. Signing up for a sports league ensures that you’ll squeeze a few workouts in throughout the spring – making it a positive way to add some activity to your weekly routine. Some options for springtime sports include volleyball, baseball and softball, basketball, tennis, and soccer.

Make a Splash

Water based activities are the perfect way to cool off when the temperatures start to rise. Whether you’re hitting the pool or heading out on the lake, there are plenty of options for adding in a bit of exercise. From water aerobics to stand up paddle boarding, working out in water helps to engage your muscles in a whole new way.

Follow the Leader

If a traditional workout is more your style, there are a ton of great options out there. From free printables to streaming workouts, it’s easy to find a fun workout to follow. A few awesome resources include Fitness Blender, PopSugar Fitness, and Tone It Up. Almost all of the workouts from these sites can be completed outdoors, because they require minimal equipment.

The most important thing to remember is that you should choose an outdoor exercise that you enjoy and are capable of completing safely. While fresh air and sunshine make almost anything sound like a good idea, try to focus on your unique interests and ability levels when selecting a workout.

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