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Five Ways to Give Back Through Fitness


Five Ways to Give Back Through Fitness

Give back through fitness

While staying active is definitely something you should do for yourself, it can also be a simple way to give back to others. This holiday season, why not take something you are already doing and turn it into something positive for someone else? With the following tips, your workouts can really make a difference for someone in need.

Become a Mentor

When you choose to work with organizations such Back on My Feet or Girls on the Run, you are helping foster so much more than just a love of running. By donating your time, you have the ability to empower, educate, and change the lives of some pretty amazing people.

Walk a Shelter Dog

If you love animals as much as you love a good stroll, this one is for you. Shelters all over the country need people to spend time exercising and socializing the dogs. It’s an adorable job, but someone has to do it. Contact your local animal shelter to find out how you can help.

Track Your Miles

Give back twice by simply tracking your miles while you do either of the previous activities. With the Charity Miles App, you earn money for charity. With every mile you move, you will give 25 cents to the non-profit of your choice. There are thirty charities to choose from and endless ways to support them.

Donate Your Old Gym Shoes

An incredibly easy way to give back is to donate your old shoes, clothing, and gear. Will you really miss those shoes you retired three years ago? Donate them to the Salvation Army, a local homeless shelter, or to One World Running. I promise you the recipient will appreciate them more than you know.

Support Charitable Brands

Another simple step you can take is to become a conscious consumer. You’re already going to shop for post-workout snacks, so you might as well support great causes while you’re at it. The best part is that you don’t have to sacrifice quality. There are many healthy and delicious ways to make a positive impact with your purchases.

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