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Five Effective Weight Plate Workouts


Five Effective Weight Plate Workouts

Weight Plate Workouts

This time of year, the cooler temperatures force many people to ditch their outdoor workouts. With more people heading to the gym throughout the week, it can easily get a bit cramped in there. One of the biggest challenges, especially with a smaller studio, is snagging a squat rack or bench. These are two of the most popular pieces of equipment, but they are also typically in short supply.

If you find yourself regularly waiting in line for a chance to lift weights, you should always keep a few weight plate workouts in your back pocket. That’s right, you can get a quality workout in using just a single plate from the rack. Weight plates can be used for exercises ranging from hamstring curls to halos. Because of their versatility, you can work your entire body without moving from machine to machine in a crowded gym.

Below are five time – and sanity – saving workouts for when you need to get in and out of the gym quickly.

Weight Plate Routine from Self.com

How to Get Amazing Results with Just a Weight Plate from LIVESTRONG

 Weight Plate Circuit Workout from Run Pretty

7 Weight Plate Strength Exercises from Shape.com

21 Weight Plate Exercises (video) from Redefining Strength

If you aren’t a member of a gym, you can still utilize any of these workouts. Weight plates are a great option for smaller home gyms. They take up minimal space, are extremely portable, and can be purchased cheaply through online yard sale groups. The most important thing to remember is that it doesn’t take much for effective, efficient workouts!

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