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Healthy Together: Staying Fit as a Family


Healthy Together: Staying Fit as a Family

Family Exercise: Presley Salmon

Finding time for fitness isn’t always easy. It can be that much more difficult when you have to balance it with family life. Staying on top of everyone’s schedules is already a daunting task. Throwing in workouts that everyone can take part in makes it seem almost impossible. The trick to family exercise is to incorporate it into time you’re already spending together. Below are some simple ways to get the whole family moving – together!


An incredibly simple and surprisingly fun place to start is by taking after-dinner walks each evening. I know it can be tempting to hop on the couch with the kids after you eat, but you’ll have so much more fun if you get outside and get moving. If a basic walk isn’t your style, throw in a little adventure. My four-year-old loves pretending to hunt for treasure, spotting different animals, and riding his bike around our neighborhood. As an added benefit, time spent away from screens means more chatting and bonding.


If one member of your family is already a regular gym-goer, it’s time to include everyone else. Many gyms now offer more than just basic childcare. One of the YMCAs in my area has classes for parents and small children, bootcamp-style classes for older children, and family swim sessions. Check the gyms where you live to see what they offer. Your kids just might find their new favorite hangout spot!


Many local races will offer distances for various ability and age levels. Why not sign the whole family up for a fun day of running? You could run together, pair up for particular distances, or all split up and do your own thing. Tons of races even have options for the littlest members of your family. Toddler trots and diaper dashes happen to be the most adorable way to include the younger children in your fitness plans.


Instead of family movie or game night, why not plan a weekly sports night? It doesn’t matter what you choose to play as long as you all take part. One option for breaking into teams is to pit the parents against the kids. A little healthy competition might just make this a tradition that lasts for years. After all, no one ever wants to lose to Mom and Dad.


When all else fails, get up and get silly. In our family, if there is music playing, there are people dancing. A fun way to incorporate this into your daily life is with random dance breaks. When you notice people just sitting around, play some music and bust a move. The best part about this type of workout is that no one actually notices they’re working out.

How does your family stay active? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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