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Fitness Gifts Under $25


Fitness Gifts Under $25

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If you’re shopping for the fitness buff this year, I’ve got good news. You can give some great fitness gifts without breaking the bank. It can be hard to find gifts for everyone on your list, but it’s definitely a lot simpler when you understand their interests. The following list includes affordable items for just about any type of athlete.

Fit Gifts Under $25:
  1. Cooling Towel : No matter what sport someone is into, chances are they’ll break a sweat once in a while. This towel works double time by keeping you dry and cool.
  1. Fitness Tank: Have a fashionable workout buddy? Give them the gift of great gym style. This tank is as cute as it is motivational.
  1. Yoga Mat Sling: If you’ve got a yogi in your life, you can’t go wrong with a great accessory. A sling is a simple way to keep your mat on hand at all times.
  1. Workout Journal: A journal is a wonderful gift for both new and seasoned athletes alike. What could be better than helping people achieve their goals?
  1. Motivational Jewelry: Wrap bracelets may not be the first presents you think of when it comes to fitness, but they are a very thoughtful way to show your support.
  1. Personalized Ornament: A weight bench for the tree is perfect for the gym rat who has everything. Sometimes the best gifts are a little ridiculous, right?
  1. Blender: Have a friend who doesn’t go a day without smoothies or shakes? Help them with their protein intake by gifting them a personal blender.
  1. Alpha Lock: If you’re shopping for a fit yet forgetful gym-goer, this is just the thing. Instead of random numbers, a simple word keeps their valuables safe.

9. Water Bottle: Help keep your friends hydrated all year long with this 15-ounce stainless steel water bottle. The bicycle print is just icing on the cake.

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  1. Dale Clausen Meyer

    It would be wonderful if you would offer a coupon 1X/week. We go through 30 cans of tuna fish and 4 cans of salmon each month. Plus, our son likes the ready-to-eat pouches for his lunches. Please, please give out coupons! Thanks for great products.

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