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Five Father’s Day Fitness Gifts


Five Father’s Day Fitness Gifts

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Finding great Father’s Day gifts can be tough. After years of gifting him macaroni-based art projects and ridiculous ties, the thought of searching for an actual present can be daunting. If your dad loves hitting the gym, though, you’re in luck. He probably just wants awesome new gear. And, let’s be honest, doesn’t Dad deserve to finally get something he wants?

Wireless Headphones

All dads deserve to take breaks, and wireless headphones are just the way to do it. He can pop them in, zone out, and enjoy any activity or sport he chooses. Try to find a pair that is comfortable, adjustable, and has a long battery life. Check out the Bose Soundsport Wireless Headphones.

Fitness Watch

If he’s competitive, a tracker will be the perfect addition to his fitness accessories. He can work on his health while lapping his buddies. If he’s a runner, try to find one that includes GPS capabilities as well. Check out the Garmin Forerunner 35.

Workout Clothing

Is he still wearing those grungy old sweatpants to the gym? Hook him up with some new Dad-approved workout clothing. Pro tip: check his closet for the correct size and you’re good to go. Check out Champion Sportswear.

Foam Roller

A pain-free Dad is a happy Dad. A foam roller is a wonderful gift, because it can help ease everyday aches and pains. Let him know that they are especially handy after his toughest of workouts. Check out the Triggerpoint GRID X Foamroller.

Gym Bag

Does he seem to already have all the gear he needs? Grab him a brand new gym bag to carry it in. A large, multipurpose bag that he can use at the gym and on the go will definitely be well received. Check out the AER Duffel Pack.


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