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Fitness Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day


Fitness Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's DayCouples that work out together not only have stronger bonds, but also stronger bodies. Instead of eating a whole box of chocolates or splurging on a romantic dinner, try scheduling some activities that will get your heart rate up. With exercise, it is not a “one size fits all”, so be sure to find something that both you and your spouse can enjoy.

Class clowns: While your initial thought may be that he won’t go for it, hear me out. Zumba is a total blast for just about anyone who tries it. Instead of worrying about getting every step right, focus on having fun together. Laugh with each other instead of at each other and you’ll have a fun date.

Busy beaver: Yoga is a great workout choice for couples, especially for those “power couples” that are always on the go. Yoga is relaxing and mutative and leaves you feeling strong and empowered afterwards.

In it to win it: Couples who like to really push themselves or are competitive should check out Spinning. Even just 30 minutes will leave you completely soaked and feeling like a champion. Want to complete against other couples? Look into leagues you can join in the winter such as indoor soccer, volleyball, or softball.

Dare devil: Try something completely out of the box, like zip lining or the flying trapeze. You will get a great workout and share some thrills with both of these activities.

Do you and your partner work out? What are your favorite activities to do together? 


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