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Firecracker Workouts


Firecracker Workouts

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If you’re busy making Fourth of July plans, don’t forget to include a quick workout. While I think you should celebrate holidays to the fullest, I also think it’s important to get moving when you can.  If you have time for a sweaty circuit or a lap around the block, go for it. You’ll feel and look your best, and you’ll have more energy to enjoy the day. Need a little inspiration? Check out this simple lower-body workout. It’s perfect for completing at home, by the pool, or wherever else your Independence Day may take you. 

Marching Bridges:

Lie down on your back with your arms by your sides, knees bent, and feet flat on the floor. Contract your glutes to raise your hips off of the floor. Your body should form a straight line from your shoulders to your knees. Once you are in position, alternate lifting each knee until you complete all reps.

Side-lying Leg Lifts:

Lie on your side with your legs stacked on top of each other, your head resting on one arm, and your body forming a straight line. Contract the top thigh to lift that leg in the air. Hold it there for a moment. Slowly lower your leg to complete one rep.

Donkey Kicks:

Start on your hands and knees with your knees below your hips and hands below your shoulders. Keeping the core muscles engaged, slowly lift the left leg. Your knee should stay bent at 90 degrees as you press your foot up toward the ceiling. Alternate legs until you complete all reps.

Star Jumps:

Begin by standing with your feet shoulder width apart or closer and your arms slightly bent at your sides. Squat down and then jump back up as high as possible, while extending completely (spreading your arms and legs out like a star). Land as softly as you can to complete one rep.

Rear Leg Elevated Split Squats:

Lift one foot and place it on a bench or other elevated flat surface behind you. Squat down, while bracing your core and keeping your chest up. Push yourself back up with the foot planted on the floor to complete one rep.

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A note from our CEO about COVID-19x
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The coronavirus has changed life, as we knew it, forever. Most people will be touched in some way by the pandemic either physically, emotionally or financially. We’ve all heard heart-breaking stories from around the world about lives that have been lost and severe financial hardships caused by the sudden shutdown of so many businesses.

On behalf of all our team members around the globe, we extend our deepest sympathies to all that are struggling through personal challenges, whatever they may be, and we offer our sincerest gratitude to all the heroes who are helping those in need.

We’d also like to add how important it is for everyone to continue to do their part to slow the spread. Physical distancing is critical, and we must all take this seriously. We use the word “physical” because staying away from people in a physical way does not mean we should be neglecting the importance of social interactions, compassion and patience.

We are one of the largest providers of shelf-stable seafood and it is our honor and our responsibility to do our part, in every way we can, to help to keep people fed with affordable, nutritious protein. To that end, we’re continuing to run our factories in the US and Canada while our partners around the world continue to provide supply.

We take great pride in being a “people-first” company, so our decision to continue operations is done with utmost concern for the people making it possible. We’ve enhanced our safety measures to meet or exceed CDC guidelines and we have increased wages in our factories to assist employees dealing with the incremental costs of working and new, unexpected demands on their households.

We also take great pride in producing healthy, nutritious and safe products for our customers. Please know the manufacturing practices we follow year-round protect our both employees and the products they produce. Our facilities have very few people-to-product interactions, all products are sterilized in a high temperature oven and then packaged in highly automated production lines.

Beyond Bumble Bee, we’re continually looking for ways to extend our “people first” approach to make a meaningful impact. With so many people in need, we know this effort is more important than ever. We’re starting by donating more than $1 million in product to food banks in both the US and in Canada. And we will be looking for more opportunities to make a positive difference in the days to come.

Finally, I want to thank you, our loyal and new customers, for your support. We hope you find the recipes on our website helpful and easy to prepare. I also want to send a sincere thank you to our Bumble Bee Team and our valued supply partners around the world for their tireless efforts, particularly those working in sales, manufacturing, distribution and all our support roles, ensuring we can keep store and pantry shelves stocked.

Please continue to do your part to keep yourselves and your families safe during this truly unprecedented time.

With Gratitude,
CEO, Bumble Bee Seafoods