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Our Favorite Halloween Candy Finds That are Tasty and All-Natural


Our Favorite Halloween Candy Finds That are Tasty and All-Natural



We are big believers in choosing treats to truly enjoy and don’t feel diet-y. This goes for any time of year, and certainly includes holidays like Halloween. So this roundup isn’t about calories, fat, or sugar grams, but about candy having quality ingredients and being free from as many artificial ingredients and additives as possible. Oh, and they taste REALLY GOOD. Here are 10 of our favorite Halloween candy choices that don’t include a lot of artificial ingredients, colors, or flavors, and instead have ingredients you’d actually find in your kitchen.

YumEarth Organic Fruit Lollipops

You’d be hard-pressed not to find a flavor you love from this brand — they have everything from sour fruit flavors to classic strawberry to hot chili mango! They get their vivid colors from fruit and veggie concentrates.

YumEarth Organic Sour Twists

Love a good sweet and sour chewy candy? So do we! These give you a mouthful of both sweet and sour flavors and are colored with fruits, veggies, and spices.

Justin’s Mini Peanut Butter Cups

If you’ve had these before then you are likely already a major fan. They combine a super smooth, peanut butter center with high quality milk chocolate (they also come in a dark chocolate variety, too). And that peanut flavor? It comes from being packed with real peanuts!

Equal Exchange Chocolate Mini’s

These mini chocolate bars come in milk chocolate and dark chocolate. The company is dedicated to working with Fair Trade cooperatives to ensure workers are paid a fair wage for their labor. They even have printable cards that educate about Fair Trade that you can hand out to trick-or-treaters!

Alter Eco Dark Mint Truffles

These super creamy truffles combine the tough to beat combination of mint filling and dark chocolate.

Glee Gum, Gum Pops

Turmeric, chlorophyll, and beet juice give these bubblegum-filled lollipops their color. They come in assorted flavors and the company ensures that the ingredients are harvested sustainably.

Wholesome Brand Organic Fruit Chews

If you love chewy fruit flavored candy, then these will not disappoint. They’re individually wrapped and easy to hand out to all the goblins in your neighborhood, and all of the pretty colors in these fruit chews come from fruit or veggie juices.

Surf Sweets Organic Jelly Beans

Colored with fruit extracts and spices, these jelly beans come in six flavors. The individually wrapped bags are the perfect size for trick-or-treaters.

Cocomels Original Coconut Milk Caramels

No added colors or flavors to be found in these caramels. Plus, they’re made with coconut milk instead of dairy, so even people with a dairy intolerance/allergy can enjoy them!

Sunmaid Chocolate Covered Raisins

This classic candy has pretty basic ingredients…raisins and chocolate. The fun-size packets make a great treat for Halloween night and you can usually find them at larger grocery stores and club stores like Sam’s Club or Costco right around Halloween time.


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