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Family Fitness Activities


Family Fitness Activities

Keeping fit doesn’t have to be an individual activity.  In fact, if you make staying fit a family activity, not only can it be fun, but you will probably be more likely to meet your fitness goals.  There are a lot things that you can do as a family to stay active and healthy.  Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Before You Start

Before you start any type of fitness activity, it is important to remember to warm up and stretch.  Make sure that you teach your kids the importance of this as well, because even though they may not think they need to, they do.  Also, make sure they know not to play through any type of pain as well.

Team Sports

Depending on how big your family is, you can organize backyard team sports. Setup a two-on-two, or three-on-three game of soccer or football. Choose two sides of the yard and mark out the 50-yard line. Running back and forth is a good fitness activity.

Take a Bike Ride

This is another great family activity. Get everyone on a bike (or even a bicycle built for two), and head out around town. There are a ton of resources online for biking in various areas around the country, so you should easily be able to find biking routes for your family’s ability.

Head to the Water

There lots of different activities that you can do in the water. First is simply swimming.  Whether you are swimming in the local pool or at the beach, swimming offers the benefits of a full-body workout for both kids and adults.

If you’re on a lake, you could consider tubing or water skiing behind a boat. While it may not seem like a workout, holding on while the boat is going can give you a full body workout. The same rules apply though, even for tubing. Make sure you stretch ahead of time because it can put a lot of strain on your arms.

What activities do you do to stay fit with your family?



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