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Family Activities for a Fit Fall


Family Activities for a Fit Fall

Parents Giving Children Piggyback Ride On Walk By Lake

Staying active as a family can be difficult throughout the year, but it is especially difficult during the cooler months. When the temperature starts to drop, it can be tempting to stay indoors. While there is nothing wrong with snuggling up together by the fire, you should also make time to get outside and get moving. Check out the fall family activities below for some inspiration on how you can stay fit as a family this season.

Hit the Trails

It doesn’t matter if you walk, bike, hike, or run. Miles tend to fly by when you’re busy checking out all of that beautiful fall foliage. Pick up a few fallen leaves, pinecones, and whatever else the kids can find to create unique fall crafts when you get home.

Get your Pick On

Whether you’re on the hunt for fresh apples, the best pumpkins for carving, or this year’s christmas tree, head to a local pick-your-own farm. There is something especially rewarding about finding and harvesting them as a family.

Sprint it Out

Does anyone in your family love to run? Search for a local race to train for and complete together. To make it extra exciting, find a holiday-themed race and dress up. Just picture Dad running while dressed as a Thanksgiving turkey. Worth it, right?

Go Get Lost

Head straight to a corn maze for a fall-themed activity that will challenge the family both mentally and physically. Break into teams if you need some extra motivation. For smaller children, you can even create small mazes out of leaves in the backyard.

Become Explorers

If your family is a bit adventurous, geocaching might just be the perfect fall activity. You could end up climbing a tree out in the country, weaving your way through city streets, or searching anywhere in between.

Play Ball

When all else fails, play a pick-up game. There is nothing better than a little competition to get both the kids and adults up and moving. Round up your teams, grab what you need for your sport of choice, and may the best team win!

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