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Fall Fitness: Outdoor Exercises for Cooler Weather


Fall Fitness: Outdoor Exercises for Cooler Weather

The fall is probably one of the best times to exercise outdoors during the year. Yes, the weather is cooler, but it’s not cold yet. Plus, the cooler weather can make it easier to go longer at whatever you do. Before it turns into full-blown winter, here are some fun outdoor exercises you should consider this fall.


The first up is running. Running in the fall can be great because it’s cooler and there is the joy of fall colors. However, it can be difficult with the time changes and school being back in session. Make sure that you plan out some time for yourself to get in some running before you dread going out in the real cold.


Most places in the United States have one last heat wave in early to mid-October. This can be the last hoorah to go to the lake or ocean and go for a swim. Swimming outdoors is a lot of fun, and you will most likely have to wait another 6-8 months before you’ll be able to swim outside again.

Field Sports

Fall is a great time to take advantage of all the field sports that are starting up – baseball, football, and more! Before it gets too cold to go outside and play in the parks (or before snow covers everything), go outside for some last fun sports on the grass and get some exercise in with friends.

Tips for Fall Exercise

Regardless of what sports or exercise you’re going to do, fall can be challenging from a logistics perspective. First, dress appropriately. This usually means layers – it can be warm at 4pm when you start playing, but freezing at 6pm once the sun is down.

Also, make sure that you are remembering to plan for the darkness. If you’re running or biking, make sure that you have reflectors and a light so that if you’re out past sundown, drivers will see you. Remember, everyone is adjusting this time of year, and more traffic accidents happen in the fall and spring than any other time.

What are your favorite ways to exercise outside during fall?


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4 Comments on “Fall Fitness: Outdoor Exercises for Cooler Weather”

  1. Ginger

    In warmer months, my main outside activity is cycling, but when temperatures dip below 40, I start doing more walking. It’s easier for me to stay warm while walking. I enjoy shuffling through the leaves, gathering landscaping ideas from my neighbors yards and running errands while I’m out and about.

  2. Karra

    Being in Phoenix, I look forward to Fall and cooler weather. No more waiting until 11pm when it is cool enough to walk outside or getting up at 5am before the sun starts beating. I can walk anytime during the day and especially love my lunch time excursions.


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