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Exercising with Resistance Bands 101


Exercising with Resistance Bands 101

Walking into your local health and fitness store as a beginner might make you feel overwhelmed. Understanding the basics of exercise equipment will help you make informed decisions to build your home gym according to your personal goals and capabilities. Let’s take a look at how and why you should invest in a resistance band.

How to Choose One?
Resistance bands are available in a variety of lengths, sizes, and strengths. What you choose should be according to your fitness level and overall flexibility. Resistance bands are normally categorized by colors, where these colors represent different levels of intensity.

Some resistance bands come with rubber handles and others, which are ideal for therapy, come without them. When choosing your resistance band consult a fitness professional as they should be able to instruct you as to which band is the perfect fit. You will be able to up the intensity as you improve and feel the need to take on more resistance.

Why Use One?

Strong and Lean
Resistance bands are ideal for those looking to strengthen their bodies and core. They are also ideal for those busy with exercise rehabilitation. Small and controlled movements allow you to work on specified areas without causing more damage. Resistance bands are ideal for toning and the perfect alternative to weights.

Portable Workouts
One of the greatest advantages of exercising with a resistance band is that you can take it anywhere. If you are a frequent traveler, this is the ideal companion for your hotel room workout. With resistance bands your workout possibilities are endless, from bicep curls, leg presses, and squats, to a seated or ‘bent over’ row.

Flex it Out
Resistance bands aren’t only great for building resistance; they are also great for improving flexibility. These bands will enable you to have a deeper stretch than you ever knew possible. They work wonders for the advanced ‘stretcher’, or those that enjoy practicing yoga.

If you are trying to cut some costs with your workout routine, buying a resistance band is definitely worth it. Resistance bands aren’t expensive at all, and you are able to do a variety of exercises with this simple material. For those looking for budget-friendly fitness equipment, this is your best bet.

What is your favorite way to work out with resistance bands? 

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