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Creating a Fitness Plan


Creating a Fitness Plan

Creating a fitness plan is important to make sure that you’re achieving your personal goals when working out. Everyone is working out or staying in shape for different reasons. Also, everyone has different lifestyles that they will need to work around to make their goals happen. As such, most personal trainers will help you put together a personal fitness plan, but you can do it yourself just as easily. Since many people make weight loss related goals around new years, we thought this was the perfect time to help you create your fitness plan!

Determine Your Goals

The first thing you need to do is determine your goals.  Are you looking to lose weight, build muscle, or both?  While not mutually exclusive, there are different types of exercises that cater to strength training versus weight loss.

Once you have your goals, you need to determine your timeline.  What do you want to do in the short term – say 30 days?  Then, what about 6 months and one year?  Be realistic – setting non-realistic goals is an easy way to fail.

Start a Journal

Once you have your goals, start logging your progress.  Everyday keep a record of your food intake, calorie count, and weight.  This will help you measure progress over time.  If you’re more high-tech, there are many phone apps that can help with this easily.

If you notice missteps compared to your goals, write notes about why you fell off, AND how you felt. This will help you be proactive to make sure that it doesn’t happen again.

Develop a Routine

The hardest part of your plan will be your routine. You need to keep it simple enough that you can do it for long enough to be routine (usually 20+ times). Consider developing a routine that focuses both on cardio and strength training:

  • Quads
  • Butt and Hamstring Exercises
  • Push Muscles (chest, shoulders, and triceps)
  • Pull Muscles (back, biceps, and forearms)
  • Cardio Everyday

Execute Your Plan

Once you have a solid plan that you’re comfortable with, make sure you execute it everyday.  It takes time to develop a routine, and you won’t see results for a little bit.  Just keep executing your plan, checking in on your journal, and you will start to see results.


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