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Bouncing Back From an Injury


Bouncing Back From an Injury

Whether you are a professional athlete or just someone who enjoys an occasional run, injuries are a reality that can strike everyone. When you are injured, it’s important to understand what it is and why it happened. There is no use in recovering from something that you haven’t analyzed only to suffer from the same injury over and over again.

Some sports injuries are rather common, but we all have a different build and genetic material. Even if you don’t think your injury was serious, it’s still important to see a professional and allow him/her to educate you on the problem.

Find Exercise Alternatives
There are ways you can still maintain your fitness while you are injured. Even though you might have to adjust the intensity or avoid certain types of exercises, you can still get your endorphin fix.

Try finding alternatives to your regular routine. This might be more rewarding than you think. Introducing your body to alternative ways of exercising can lead to progress in fields you weren’t aware of. If you are suffering from an injury induced by strength training, you might want to focus on cardio that won’t put too much strain on your joints and muscles. Think along the lines of spinning, swimming and water aerobics.

If you are suffering from an injury to a specific body part, you can simply focus on the rest of your physique. For example, if you are having trouble with a knee injury, focus on upper body training etc.

Get Your Mind in the Game
The hardest part of recovering from an injury is staying focused and motivated. It’s important to keep your mind in the game even though you cannot stick to your normal exercise routine. Start dreaming about what goals you will reach in the future. See an injury as a setback, but not a reason to quit all together. Injuries are part of living a healthy and fit lifestyle, so be realistic and set your goals accordingly.

Know Your Limits
At last! The time has arrived where you can start exercising again, but to what degree? Don’t expect your body to instantly perform the way it did before you became injured. Take it easy and know your limits. Follow your rehabilitation program to the T. Don’t deviate from the plan – this might just prolong your progress.

Your exercise limits when recovering from an injury will differ according to the severity of your injury or surgery. Don’t put your body under unnecessary pressure too soon.

Prevention is Key
If you are recovering from a rather serious injury it would be advised to have a fitness professional monitor your workouts. They will help you perfect your form and posture while exercising, and with the knowledge of your injury, they will help you understand your limits.

You can prevent injuries by following a balanced workout plan. Vary your exercise routines and combine conditioning classes such as Pilates and Yoga to give yourself added flexibility and a strong core.

Have you sustained an injury that affected your workouts? How did you bounce back? 

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