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Beyond Weight Loss: Healthy New Year Resolutions


Beyond Weight Loss: Healthy New Year Resolutions

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More often than not, January resolutions fade into February guilt. The reason is pretty simple: we take on too much, too quickly. We put a lot of thought into the ‘what’ and almost no thought into the ‘how’. Two of the most common (and most failed) resolutions are to lose weight and to exercise more. While those resolutions are certainly worthy of the effort, they aren’t always easily achieved. Without breaking them into specific and measurable goals, it can become overwhelming to try to tackle them. My favorite tip when it comes to achieving your resolutions is to start small. Here are a few ideas to help you choose a healthier resolution this year.

Start Healthy Habits:

Seemingly simple changes really can turn into something great. For many people, starting a daily habit is just the thing they need to get the ball rolling toward their goal. Taking a walk after dinner, ordering water instead of soda, and packing a healthy lunch each day are a few good options.

Break it Down:

It will be much easier to stay on track if you break your goal down into manageable chunks. Instead of saying you’ll work out more often next year, choose a weekly workout goal and start tracking. If your goal is to clean up your eating, try to add a few new vegetables to your grocery cart each week to cook at home.

Focus on More:

When it comes to resolutions, it’s common to hear negative terms like “lose”, “quit”, or “stop”. Next year, why not try to focus on what you can add to your life? Goals like drinking more water, taking more time for yourself, walking more each day, or eating more whole foods are always a good idea.

Record the Highs:

Don’t forget to celebrate all the work you’re putting in next year. Whether you record your top three moments of each day or reflect each week on the progress you’ve made, make a goal to stay positive. Don’t just look at how much further you have to go – look at how far you’ve already come!

Pay it Forward:

There is no rule that says you need to choose a resolution, but paying it forward is always an awesome idea. Whether you want to become a mentor, volunteer at a soup kitchen, or help feed local strays, there are more than enough opportunities out there. Pick an activity and how often you’d like to do it, and go make it happen.

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