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Athlete Spotlight – Sarah Grace Spann


Athlete Spotlight – Sarah Grace Spann

Bumble Bee Athlete spotlight sarah grace spann

Sarah Grace Spann is a University of Florida alumna and a former division one cross country runner. She is currently pursuing her master’s degree in sports nutrition and is well on her way to becoming a registered dietitian. She entered the blogging world after starting her Instagram account, @freshfitnhealthy. When that began growing rapidly, she decided it was time to start a blog. Her goal is to help others live healthier lives by sharing nutritious recipes and fitness inspiration.

What is your favorite part about working out?
I keep it fun! I don’t have a set schedule, and I’m relaxed with myself. If I’m exhausted, feeling sick, or just feeling off, I don’t make myself do anything. I believe listening to your body is key. And when I give myself this freedom, I keep living a fit life fun, instead of something I have to do. Sometimes I run when I’m feeling the need to just get outside and de-stress, sometimes I do strength training to keep toned, and other times I just go out for a walk with a friend.  I love how living a fit life really can be used as an outlet to give yourself time to think, de-stress, or just add some fun to a normal day!

How did you get started?
I grew up playing any and every sport, but then focused on competitive soccer for a while. In high school, I was convinced to go out for the cross country/track team even though I hated running at the time. Funny enough, it became my favorite sport, and I stopped soccer my last year so that I could focus and sign with a college team. Now, even though running competitively was great for some time, I love the freedom I have now to do whatever I want for exercise. I actually didn’t run for years after quitting the team because of being burnt out, and turned strictly to weight lifting and strength training. Now I have a good balance of both. 

How many races have you completed?
So many as a competitive runner all throughout high school and half of college! 

How long have you been running?
I started freshman year of high school (9 years ago; wow I’m old). But midway through college I stopped running for a few years because of being burnt out. Now I’ve gotten back to running 3 miles here and there throughout the week, but nothing serious.

What is your favorite distance to run and why?
I was always a cross country runner, so I ran long distances. But I guess in the real world, it’s short distances because I am mainly a 5k runner. I’m not sure a marathon is something I ever want to experience!

What is your best training tip?

It’s so mental! You truly can do anything you set your mind to. I couldn’t even run a lap around the local community college when I began running in high school. And 3 years later, I was signing with the University of Florida team after winning the state championship!

What keeps you motivated?
Reminding myself how good I feel afterward. No one “likes” working out or running all of the time, but knowing how good I will feel after always gets me going!

What advice would Sarah Grace Spann give to someone who is just starting on his or her fitness journey?
Take one day at a time. It’s never too late to begin your own health and fitness journey. And if you mess up or don’t “follow the plan”, the next day is a new day! No one is perfect, but one piece of advice: finding friends to workout or run with can definitely help you stick to it and stay motivated.

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