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Athlete Spotlight: Katie Uhran


Athlete Spotlight: Katie Uhran

Motivational Tips from Katie Uhran

Katie Uhran is a Health and Wellness Blogger, Social Media Specialist, runner, yogi, foodie, and dog lover. Her goal is to inspire others to live a healthy and active lifestyle, while still being able to fully enjoy life. She shares healthy recipes, workouts, stories of other inspiring women, product reviews, and glimpses into her personal life on her blog, Acktive Life.


What is your favorite part about running?

The simplicity, the peace and quiet, and the challenge that every run is different! I love being able to disconnect; to lace up my running shoes and just go. No matter what the weather, the distance, or my mood, I always feel better after a run. My head is clear. I am inspired to write, to dream BIG, and to tackle whatever lies ahead. It is the best free mood booster and good for your mind, body, and overall health.

How did you get started?

I have always been an athlete. I played competitive sports from elementary school all the way through college. I played Division I field hockey at The College of William and Mary and once that ended I felt a little lost. How would I stay fit? How would I fill that gap that was always filled with practices and games? How could I still stay competitive? I needed the structure, a schedule, something to keep me active and to challenge me. That is how I started running! It fulfilled all of my needs, and I fell in love.

How many races have you completed?

I have competed in 9 running races. I have also competed in a Sprint Triathlon and 2 bike races that were over 100 miles.

How long have you been running?

I have been running since 2001.

What is your favorite distance to run and why?

I love training for half marathons! I believe it is a healthy, attainable, and fun distance to train for, for any level athlete. For me personally, I like the schedule for training for a half marathon. My body feels good and healthy, but it also allows me to continue to strength train and keep up with my yoga practice. I like a healthy balance when it comes to running, because I know how important it is to maintain your strength and flexibility when you start to add more running miles.

What is your best training tip?

Enjoy the process! Just like everything else in life, it takes time, dedication, work, and passion to be successful. When you educate yourself on training and how to fuel your body, keep an open mind to what makes you feel your best, and accept that there will be speed bumps along the way, you will stay focused, energized, and confident.

What keeps you motivated?

I love the way I feel when I live a healthy and active lifestyle. I feel focused, strong, motivated; and beautiful inside and out. The way I feel after a run, a sweaty yoga class, or a good leg day is addicting. It is my favorite way to start my day. And when I am signed up for a half marathon, I am focused and determined to train well, eat well, but still enjoy life too. I train hard, I work hard, but I also make sure to enjoy life, good wine, pizza, and cookies (of course). I am always working on being the best version of me inside and out and that is motivation!

What advice would you give someone who is just starting on his or her fitness journey?

Be patient. Surround yourself with people who you know will support your journey. Sign up for a race to keep you motivated, focused, and on a schedule. Get excited and embrace this journey that will make you feel so good mentally, emotionally, and physically. It is going to be an awesome journey!

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2 Comments on “Athlete Spotlight: Katie Uhran”

  1. Beverly Wilson

    I’m a 59 yr old female I want to be healthy I need to loose 30 lbs I joinedbthe YMCA I’m just not motivated some days but I enjoy it when I go I feel good about myself, I have been intermittent dieting,so if you can help me get motivated I would love that.

    1. Bumble Bee Team

      We would love to help you get motivated, Beverly. Have you checked out the Healthy Living section of our website yet? You can find meal ideas and fitness tips to inspire. Here is the link: //www.bumblebee.com/healthy-living/ :)

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