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Athlete Spotlight – Gigi Dubois


Athlete Spotlight – Gigi Dubois


Throw a lot of spunk, some quirk and sprinkle a little nutritional knowledge into a food processor and whirl away! That is the recipe that makes up GiGi, the creator of GiGi Eats Celebrities. Her curiosity for the world of celebrity diets coupled with her obsession with healthy living is what propelled her to create GiGi Eats. On a weekly basis she creates slightly unusual videos where she lays the smack down on fanatical diets, smashes unhealthy ice cream (and other foods) to smithereens, or cooks up some delicious grub that we all want to face plant into.


We interviewed her to learn more about how she stays active. Read on to see her responses.


What is your favorite part about exercising?

My favorite part about exercising is the excruciating pain and exhaustion I feel when I push myself to the extreme. Okay, that right there is a flat out lie. Who actually likes that part? Honestly, I adore the feeling of euphoria I get the second my workouts are done. Working out puts pep in my step. People always ask me where I get all of my energy from and I tell them: EXERCISE! I know this for a fact because when pigs fly (AKA: when I am not able to work out) I am in the worst mood. I feel sorry for those who have to be around me when swine sprout wings and take flight!


How did you get started?

Exercise/athleticism is part of my DNA. My entire family loves to be active, and it also helps that I am from Wyoming, the land of getting off your booty and MOVING!


How long have you been exercising?

I joke with my mother that I have been exercising since in the womb! I was a breech baby and I am convinced I was doing gymnastics during my time in her uterus.

What is your best training tip?

Mix up your routine like you would mix up a bowl of ingredients to make a scrumptious tuna or salmon salad recipe! Combining running/walking with circuit training, maybe some spinning, Pilates and/or yoga is the perfect recipe for a phenomenal physique that will only continue to work hard for you. Feel free to sprinkle sports like soccer, snowboarding, or even tennis on top.


What keeps you motivated?

Remember when I mentioned that euphoric feeling I get post work out? Yep, well, that is the biggest motivator on the face of the planet! I myself do not like to be around me when I don’t work out. I admit that I am one crabby chick if I don’t get activity in my daily life. Aside from that, I love the “sore” feeling, and I do love to eat about five pounds of salmon in a sitting.


What advice would you give someone who is just starting on his or her fitness journey?

Put on a pair of sneakers and get outside. Exercise can most certainly be free (well aside from buying a pair of sneakers), and it can be done whenever and wherever you are! People don’t realize that even just walking is a wonderful form of exercise. A majority of us have become quite idle, thanks in part to technological advances that have us sitting on our butts all day, every day. We need to actively remind ourselves to get up and focus on our health for at least an hour a day. Remember when you used to “play outside” when you were younger? Take a page from your youth and go do that. In fact, I am going to go on a bike ride, RIGHT NOW!

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