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Are You A Dreamer?


Are You A Dreamer?

As a little kid I liked to dream—big, whether it was believing my Barbie doll would one day turn into Wonder Woman or convincing myself that as an adult I’d be spending much of my time in Hollywood hosting my own talk show.  As I said, I liked to dream big. I still do sometimes.

When I think back to my childhood, I can remember a time when my dreams didn’t seem that far away from me.

I remember spending countless hours in my playroom as a child. I used to pretend I was a famous rock star on a make believe stage. There I’d be holding my microphone (nothing more than my hairbrush) belting out song after song from a collection of 45’s.

Truthfully I never really did sing as much as I bounced around like other rockers I saw on television. Yet I still believed there was always a chance that one day I’d be singing on stage with the best of them.

Whether you’re a kid or an adult I guess there’s never really a shortage of big dreams in this world. Why should there be?

I mean what’s the harm in a young starving artist dreaming that one day he’ll sell a famous painting or a high school actress fantasizing about having her name on a Broadway marquee?

And what about the frustrated adult who dreams of a career that inspires her heart and soul rather than simply pays her bills?

Sadly, we all begin to see the world for what it is as we go from dependent child to independent adult. The dreams we once had get crushed by life’s realities and unplanned circumstances.

I recently overheard a conversation from a group of middle agers who felt they were too old to have hopes and dreams anymore. That dreams were for kids who still believed in fairy tales and Santa Claus.

It dawned on me that this small group of adults was echoing sentiments probably felt by many, and certainly attributing to the pessimistic attitude we’ve adopted today.

Believe me, I understand how life can be daunting at times—unfair and cruel even. Life could be compared to the Olympics—diversified in its participants and never lacking in its challenges.

Going for the gold is not always easy when the competition of everyday life can cause even the most motivated competitors to give up on their dreams.

Everyone plays, some give up before ever starting, and others will spend a lifetime trying to succeed.

But the opportunity exists for all of us to claim victory.

That’s the thing about dreams—they never expire unless you let them.

Life can be a continual challenge filled with unforeseen events we struggle to navigate through—no one is arguing that point. But the road can be made a little easier if you continue to foster the idea that dreams still beat in your heart.

Many times they’re buried under a sea of responsibilities and duties we frequently clutter our lives with, but they’re still there nonetheless.

I’ve learned to simplify my life, to take a look in the mirror and remember what it was like to hope and dream for the future. I ask myself, “is there anything I can do right now?” Maybe it’s taking a cooking class or even enrolling on a dating site.

My dreams might seem big at times, but the utter pleasure I receive by fulfilling them might be closer than I think.

No one can predict our fate, regardless of the fictitious picture we create in our heads. So why not think positively and continue to hope and dream with the childlike naivety we all abandoned so many years ago?

See if there are ways to make your dreams a reality, even on a much smaller scale. Believe me the personal accomplishment is worth more than the accolades.

About Guest Blogger Randi Rentz:

Randi Rentz graduated with honors from The Johns Hopkins University with a Masters degree in Special Education. She was an editorial assistant for a publishing company in suburban Washington, DC before becoming a special education teacher in a school district outside Philadelphia, PA. Randi currently is an Asperger’s Support Teacher for grades kindergarten through fifth. Presently, Randi has her own consulting company for children on the Autistic Spectrum where you can see her work at   www.helpforaspergers.com. She is a breast cancer survivor and a proud member and supporter of many breast cancer organizations. Randi has written a manuscript called, Why Buy a Wig…When You Can Buy Diamonds! She never leaves the house without diamonds. Visit Randi at her web site at www.randirentz.com.

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2 Comments on “Are You A Dreamer?”

  1. Felicia Tomasulo

    yes as a adults we can still dream, but at this point probably only luck can help our dreams

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