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April Showers: Don’t Let the Rain Ruin Your Workout


April Showers: Don’t Let the Rain Ruin Your Workout

It doesn’t surprise me that the first day of April was a rainy one here on the East Coast. It seems that no matter how strange the weather is every year, the one thing that always remains consistent is a rainy April.

One of the biggest excuses that I hear this time of year is that it is too wet to get a workout in. Just because you can’t pound the pavement, doesn’t mean you have to skip your workout. Here are a few surefire ways to get your heart racing without leaving your house or dishing out funds for a gym membership:

  • YouTube: From at-home Crossfit workouts to Yoga and circuit training, the sky is the limit for workout videos on Youtube. Some of my favorite “gurus” are the Tone It Up girls, SarahFit, and BodyRockTV. For more ideas, check out a post I wrote a while back called 10 Fitness Pro’s you should be following on YouTube.
  • DVD: Want something longer than a short YouTube video? You can find just about any type of workout on DVD, from Yoga to Zumba, to learning how to dance like a Pussycat Doll (don’t judge me, I own it).
  • Stream it: Want something longer than a YouTube video, but with more variety than a DVD? Stream it! ExerciseTV has some great options. There are even sites out there like YogaVibes where you can stream live yoga classes!
  • Use Your Body: I own a great book called “You are Your Own Gym” by Mark Lauren and Joshua Clark that offers a variety of great workouts you can do using your own body weight as resistance – rather than having to buy weights, bands, balls, or whatever else is out there. ;)

Now tell us, how do you get your workout in on rainy days?

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7 Comments on “April Showers: Don’t Let the Rain Ruin Your Workout”

    1. Jennifer Edwards Post author

      Yes, Youtube makes working out at home a BLAST. Check out the ToneItUp Girls.. their workouts are AWESOME! I think they are /toneitupcom on YT :)

  1. Lisa Eirene (@LisaEirene)

    Living in Oregon I am bombarded by the rain! That’s why I become a gym rat in the winter time. I just give up the idea of running or biking outside. This winter I’ve been consistently going to spin class once a week to keep my cycling abilities at a base and in a few weeks I’ll start biking outside again. I wish I lived somewhere sunny. :)

    1. Jennifer Edwards Post author

      Nothing wrong with being a gym rat — I usually find myself MUCH more focused in the gym than anywhere else to be honest.

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