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Active Recovery Workouts


Active Recovery Workouts


This time of year can be pretty hectic. It seems like we are constantly moving from one activity to the next, but it’s important to set aside a bit of time for relaxation. Rest and recovery are especially important in your workout routine. By giving your body and mind a break from strenuous exercise, you are giving them a chance to recharge and rebuild.

There are two ways to take a break from your workout routine: rest days and active recovery days. Rest days are for just that: rest.

On a true rest day, you should focus on getting enough sleep, eating well, and just accomplishing your daily tasks. On active recovery days, you might simply work out at a lower intensity or cross train. If you’re looking for pre-planned active rest day workouts, you’re in luck. From swimming to yoga, there is a recovery workout out there for everyone.

24-Minute Active Recovery Workout from Health Magazine
Recovery Yoga Sequence from mindbodygreen
Swimming Circuit Recovery Workout from Los Angeles Times
“Too Sore to Exercise” Recovery Workout from Shape Magazine
10-Minute “Chill” Active Recovery Workout from Self Magazine

The key to incorporating rest and recovery days is to listen to your body. You will reach your goals so much faster if you take proper care of yourself! Tip: Check out Seasoned Tuna Pouch with Spoon for a great way to feed your muscles with lean protein post-workout. Explore all the places your spoon tuna pouch can take you.

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