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The Best Beach Workouts for Summer


The Best Beach Workouts for Summer

While you are busy soaking up the summer sun, why not break a subtle summer sweat? What’s better than breathing in the crisp, fresh smell of the sea while working on some yoga poses or finishing the last stretch of your scenic beach run?

There are plenty of fun beach activities that will allow you to enjoy your time in the sand while keeping that heart rate up!

Power Planks
This exercise takes sun bathing to another level. Before you turn over to let the sun kiss the other parts of your body, do 3 sets of front and side planks. If you are still a beginner, opt for 30 seconds at a time, or push your fitness levels by holding the plank for a minute at a time.

Leisure Lunges
While strolling along the seaside you can casually start doing lunges. Combine side lunges with deep lunges until you feel your heart racing. If you want to push the envelope, you can do jumping lunges or push the tempo of your switches. Try 1 minute of slow, deep lunges and switch it up with 30 seconds of quick-paced lunges. Repeat this set three to five times.

Seaside Squats
Nothing gives a deeper burn than jumping squats. Since you are already standing with your feet in the water, why not do your jump squats where the water is shallow? This way you might get a refreshing splash of water after every jump. Just make sure to focus on your form and balance, or you might hurt yourself on the uneven terrain.

Summer Sprints
If you are trying to keep your beach workout subtle, this exercise might actually bring greater attention to you. Find an area that doesn’t have as many people and repeat 3-5 200m sprints. If you find yourself in the blistering sun at 12 in the afternoon, it might be best to leave the running for later in the day, or even a sundown sprint session.

Sunny Stretches
Instead of imagining beautiful beaches while practicing your yoga or Pilates poses, you can do it while viewing the real thing. If you are new to this form of exercise, it is best to learn the basic form and movements from a professional before you try it by yourself.

If you don’t like exercising by yourself, organize a volleyball game, a morning yoga session on the beach, or just play beach Frisbee with a friend.

How do you multitask during your time at the beach to get a workout in?

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