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7 Workouts That You Can Do Anywhere


7 Workouts That You Can Do Anywhere

Not all of us are lucky enough to be able to stick to set workout routines. Some jobs require a lot of travel, or maybe you have little ones at home that crave your attention. Whatever your reason, we’re here to tell you that you can sweat it out no matter the setting.

These are a few workouts that you can do absolutely anywhere:

1.    Planks

Whether you are in a hotel room or building blocks on the carpet with your toddler, planking can be done anywhere! Make sure that your body is level and hold this position for at least 30 seconds to a minute at a time.

2.    Lunges

Forward and backward lunges are also an exercise that you can do anywhere. Do three sets of 10 lunges while you are waiting for the water to boil.

3.    Jumping Jacks

Release your inner child with a set of jumping jacks. After a minute of jumping around you will feel your blood rushing and your heart rate increasing. This is great for a burst of cardio anytime, anywhere.

4.    Squats

Performing squats is what you need to shape and lift your behind. While you are busy cooking or waiting for the baby’s bottle to heat up, perform a few sets of squats. You can push it up a level by doing Jump Squats where you force your feet of the floor when rising.

5.    High Knees

These definitely take us back to fitness training in school. Hold your hands parallel with your hips and raise your knees so that they touch your hands with every lift.

6.    Wall Sits

This exercise is particularly easy to do anywhere. Think of all those times you wish you had a chair. Next time you are waiting in line, be your own chair by performing wall sits. This is also a great alternative to slouching on the couch while watching T.V.

7.    Touch Your Toes

To work your obliques, lay with your back on a yoga mat or towel and position your legs to form 90 degrees with your body. Do these ‘sit-ups’ while trying to reach your toes. Cross your legs to feel an even deeper stretch.

These are just a few exercises that can be performed anywhere. So, if the weather is looking crazy or you don’t have a car to drive to the gym, try repeating these exercises and reap the benefits.

What are your go-to moves on the go?

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