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7 Ways to Shed Those Holiday Calories


7 Ways to Shed Those Holiday Calories

It happened again. You get on the scale after the holiday festivities and to your utter disbelief you’ve gained much more than just some down-time.

The last thing you need to do is give yourself a guilt-trip. Reserve the effect that the holiday fun has had on your body by just making a few easy adjustments:

Cut it Out
Think of what you were eating that helped you gain those extra pounds. It’s likely that it was the sugar from those cocktails and red velvet cupcakes and more than generous portions of carbohydrates. Try to eliminate refined sugars from your diet.

Veg it Out
Try to include more vegetables in your diet. Stick to green leafy veggies and those that aren’t too starchy. Limiting your carb intake at night can do wonders for your waistline.

Drink Up
During your holiday recovery, water is your best friend. Whenever you are craving some unhealthy snacks, drink a glass of ice-cold water instead. Sometimes our bodies are thirsty instead of hungry, so learn to listen to your body.

Start Moving
Not only will exercise help you to shed some pounds, it will often lead to an overall happier disposition. The endorphins from exercise will replace the need to eat comfort food. When you are sweating it out at the gym, you will probably be craving natural, clean foods.

TV Tricks
One of the best ways to include small bursts of exercise in your day is by combining it with another habit. The next time you are watching your favorite show, grab a pair of dumbbells and see what happens. There are also some fun workouts out there designed for specific shows.

Create your own routine. For instance, every time anyone on the television show ‘The Bachelor’ says, “I might be falling for you,” you have to do 15 push-ups etc.

Wait it Out
According to studies, an average craving will generally last about 10 minutes. Whenever those holiday-food cravings strike, try to slowly count to ten and remind yourself why you are resisting those treats.

Stay Inspired
These days there are numerous ways to stay inspired or focused on your goals. After setting realistic goals, ask others to hold you accountable. Get inspired by browsing healthy meals and clean eating on Instagram and join a fitness community.

What do you do to get back on track after a holiday?

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