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6 Tips For Your Yard Work(out)


6 Tips For Your Yard Work(out)

Do you ever have those days where you feel that you just cannot get everything done? Maybe it’s time to start using your multi-tasking skills by combining some of your to-do list tasks. There is a reason why the word ‘work’ is included in ‘yard work’. Pump up your yard work routine by making it a yard work workout!

Lawn Mow Lunges
If you are lucky enough to have a level lawn, create a bit more intensity by combining your lawn mowing activities with lunges. Stick to a moderate pace and alternate your legs in doing lunges while keeping your core engaged for a good workout. Don’t mind the looks you get from neighbors.

Rake It Up
Instead of your usual lazy raking moves, pump up the music and make a workout out of it. Use both hands when holding the rake and try to beat your personal best time by setting a timer with every section.

Wheelbarrow Weights
If you are transporting soil or carrying a heavy load with your wheelbarrow, create a route to help burn those extra calories. Pushing around the wheelbarrow can be a lifting workout in itself, but add an extra lane of pushing and you will feel your muscles working.

Double Digging
If you are doing a bit of gardening and planting around the house, level out the workout by alternating between arms when digging. This might feel a bit strange at first but you will be happy to feel the burn in both arms.

Heavy Hosing
Instead of watering the plants like a lady with a little watering can, work those muscles by pulling the water hose around with you. Dragging the heavy hose will surely help you break a sweat.

Weeding Workout
This might seem like a boring task, but once you realize that you are burning calories while pulling out the weeds, you will pick up the pace and finish the job in no time. It is said that pulling out the weeds can burn as many calories as mowing the lawn.

Yard work and gardening can be the perfect addition to your weekly workout and as an added bonus you will get your chores done in the process. Remember to rest in between sessions and stay hydrated, especially if you are working outside on a summer’s day.

How do you burn extra calories doing yard work?  

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