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6 Simple 5-ingredient Work Lunches


6 Simple 5-ingredient Work Lunches

work lunches

Whether you’re working from a desk, on the road, or juggling lunch while holding a baby, these 6 lunches can be assembled ahead of time, are nutritionally balanced (a healthy combo of carbs, protein, and fat) to keep you satisfied and focused, and will actually be something you look forward to! They’re all delicious served cold, which is perfect for summer temps or if you don’t have access to a microwave or oven.

1. Detox Salad:

This is a pared down recipe from our C&J Nutrition whole foods detox plan. It contains foods that optimize our body’s natural detoxifying processes. Combine 2 cups baby spinach, 3 artichoke hearts, chopped, 1/2 cup no salt added garbanzo beans or kidney beans, rinsed and drained, ¼ cup chopped cooked beets, and 1 tablespoon chopped walnuts or pumpkin seeds. Dress with a dash of salt and pepper, 2 teaspoons olive oil and 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar.

2. Roasted Chicken, Cheddar, Hummus, and Apple Wrap:

Spread a whole wheat tortilla (or two slices of whole grain bread) with 2 tablespoons hummus, then top with 1 oz cheddar cheese, 1/2 cup thinly sliced apple, 2-3 ounces sliced roasted chicken (we love using this recipe from Gimme Some Oven for juicy baked chicken breasts, but you can also use a rotisserie chicken or any leftover cooked chicken), and a handful of leafy green lettuce. Roll like a burrito and slice in half.
*For a dairy free option replace the cheese with avocado slices.

3. Veggie Slaw with Tuna and Creamy Balsamic Vinaigrette:

Toss one cup of pre-made bagged slaw mix (we love broccoli slaw, Brussels slaw, kale slaw, and tricolor slaw) or your own mix you’ve made in advance, with 2 tablespoons pumpkin seeds, 2 tablespoons dried cranberries, and 2-3 ounces of roasted chicken, tuna, or baked tofu. Dress with 1 teaspoon mayo whisked with 2 teaspoons balsamic vinegar and 2 teaspoons olive oil. You can dress this ahead of time because the hearty slaw veggies hold up well in dressing.

4. Deconstructed Tuna Tacos:

Pack two soft taco shells, one Bumble Bee® Jalapeño Seasoned Tuna Pouch with Spoon, a small container of plain Greek Yogurt, chopped lettuce, and halved grape tomatoes. Optional are a few lime wedges. To assemble the tacos, remove the handy spoon from the tuna pouch and spread some of the yogurt along the taco shell. Spoon out the Jalapeño tuna on top of the yogurt, then top with tomatoes and lettuce. Spritz with lime juice if using.

5. Classic Bento:

Fill 1/4 of your container with your preferred style rice or whole grain, 1/2 with baked tofu (we love this recipe for sesame crusted baked tofu from Lazy Cat Kitchen!), and 1/2 with steamed or sautéed veggies. Sprinkle everything with a generous amount of sesame seeds, and a crumbled Nori sheet (optional).

6. Sesame Ginger Tuna Crackers and Crudité:

When time is really tight, we pack a lunch box with simple fresh ingredients that hit all the nutrition points. Pair Bumble Bee® Lemon Sesame Ginger Tuna Pouch with Spoon with a lunch box filled with whole grain crackers, raw veggies like cucumbers, tomato, carrots, etc., and a seasonal fruit like berries. Spoon the tuna over the crackers or eat everything separately.

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