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6 Essential Items for Winter Running


6 Essential Items for Winter Running

Even though you might want to use the freezing winter weather as an excuse for not getting off the couch, there are ways in which you can still reach your fitness goals – even during blustery winters. During the winter, your running prep might call for a bit more planning than usual. We take a look at some of the essential items for your winter running:

Base Basic
Choose your layers wisely. A mid-weight base layer shirt will keep you warm and protected during your winter running. Wearing a long-sleeved base layer with a short-sleeve cover will provide more comfort than one thick layer. Opt for a fabric that absorbs moisture and won’t take forever to dry.

Glove it Out
During fierce winter weather you want to trap your body’s heat as much as possible. About 30% of your body heat is lost through your hands and feet, so protecting them is essential. Try it out and see what works best. Some prefer mittens and bulky snow-gloves and others just stick with a thin layer of protection.

Winter Kicks
As mentioned, protecting your hands and feet is essential to your winter running regime. Don’t expect wonders from wearing your summer shoes during the winter months. Winter running shoes need to have ample grip and should consist of a fabric that will help keep your feet dry instead of soaking up the snow and rain.

Tight is Right
Guys and girls, tights are your best friend during the winter months. They’re versatile, providing protection against gale force winds and offering warmth during winter months. Tights allow for compression, regulating the blood flow in your legs and thighs to help keep you warm.

Jacket Required
If you are brave enough to face your winter run, opt for a running jacket. This jacket should be both water and wind resistant. Buy one with a lining that will help keep you warm. During extremely cold weather this works great over your base layer. Your running jacket will then act as a shell, further protecting you from the piercing winter weather.

Face It
Running during the winter months might have you feeling like your face is freezing off. Prepare for your winter running sessions by wearing a facemask, balaclava, or goggles for your eyes. Believe it or not, you still need to apply sunscreen since the sun’s reflection off the snow can also cause skin damage.

What are your winter running essentials?


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