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5 Ways to Turn a Baked Potato into a Meal


5 Ways to Turn a Baked Potato into a Meal

We love potatoes. Sure, during the low-carb craze, potatoes got a bad reputation as being carb bombs. But we never fell for that spud-focused smear campaign. Potatoes do provide carbohydrates, which our bodies (and especially our brains) need for energy, but they also provide fiber, along with 45% of your daily value for vitamin C, more potassium than a banana, and 10% of your daily value for vitamin B6. They also possess trace amounts of other B vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, and zinc. Plus, potatoes are a blank canvas. Here are some of our favorite ideas for leveraging a potatoes’ versatility to create delicious meals.


Tuna Nicoise Potato: The flavors of a Nicoise salad are wonderful. We love the pairing of the salty components with the fresh veggies. Most Nicoise salads have boiled potatoes as one of the toppings, but we made the potato into the base of the salad with this stuffed potato recipe.


Taco Potato: Swap a baked potato (sweet potatoes also work well for this) in for the taco shell the next time you have tacos. We love sautéing ground turkey with lots of chipotle pepper and layering it into a baked potato with onion, shredded cabbage, guacamole, and salsa. You can also add cheese and toss it under the broiler for a moment to melt. Sautéed mushrooms with chopped walnuts also make a great vegetarian taco potato filling.


Smashed Potato Benedict: We created this recipe last year and never looked back. This is now our go-to method for potatoes in the morning. It’s faster than grating potatoes for hash browns and it’s one of those things that looks so much more complex than it is (i.e. a great way to impress brunch guests). Smash a small baked potato with the bottom of a mug or plate and then sauté in oil until golden and crispy. This becomes the English muffin for your Benedict!


Pizza Potato: This was one of the first ways we got creative in the kitchen with potatoes and it immediately had us hooked. Initially we simply topped a baked potato with marinara sauce, sautéed veggies, sausage, and mozzarella, and broiled it until the cheese melted. Then, when we started making the flattened potatoes for the potato Benedict, we tried flattened potato pizzas and they . . . are . . . good.


Almond Butter, Yogurt, and Peach Sweet Potato: Sweet potatoes are an awesome breakfast addition. You can basically swap a baked sweet potato in for toast or frozen waffles. We love to stir ground cinnamon and almond butter into plain yogurt and pour this mixture onto a baked sweet potato. Then we top with chopped peaches or any other fruit we have on hand. It’s simple, nutritious, and keeps us energized all afternoon. It’s also great with part skim ricotta cheese, figs, and sliced almonds as toppings.



Do you have any favorite ways to turn a potato into a meal?


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  1. Charles Schapers

    Taco Potato:great stuff but I use chicken not turkey for mine with guacamole, and salsa and hot sauce as well as some tomato and lettuce

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