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5 Tips for Your Healthiest Fall Yet


5 Tips for Your Healthiest Fall Yet

Fall is finally here, but the arrival of sweater weather doesn’t mean you have to give up on your bikini body dreams. This season, set your sights on the healthiest fall you’ve ever had. To help you feel your best all year long, keep these five simple tips in mind.



  1. Get Up and Get Outside: Autumn is the perfect season for heading outdoors. From firing up the grill to jogging around the block, it seems like everything outside is more fun this time of year. As a bonus, it’s all healthier that way, too. Grilled versions of most foods are better options than their fried, sautéed, or potluck-style counterparts. And as a general rule, getting outdoors means getting moving, which is always a win.
  2. Choose Your Treats: It’s definitely no secret that this season is known for its treats, but all you have to do is choose wisely. There is no shame in splurging on a piece of pumpkin pie, but skip it altogether if you’d rather have pecan. It seems like we are surrounded by sweets right now, but you’ll be better off if you have a plan. Stick to small portions of what you actually want and then sit down and savor them.
  3. Pack Protein: One of the most common issues I have this time of year is being hungry and not having any great options on hand. Try keeping a small, protein-based snack with you. Bumble Bee Ready-to-Eat Kits are a great option! If you continue to eat foods packed with protein, you’ll feel fuller longer. That means you’ll be able to think a little more clearly when you’re surrounded by other, less than stellar options.
  4. Make Moving Fun: Why not try something new this time of year? Join a new gym, sign up for a local running club, or start a walking group in the neighborhood. The one thing these all have in common? New activities with new people. You’ll feel better after getting a little sweaty and you’ll have a new community you can count on to hold you accountable. I promise it works!
  5. Set Your Sights on Spring: As cheesy as it sounds, sometimes all you need is a little motivation to move more or eat better. Set a health-related goal for the next few months and make it happen. Plan to reward yourself when the weather warms up with a new outfit, a girls’ getaway, or anything else you’d work hard to achieve. If you hit your goal, you get the prize.


Remember, making healthy choices isn’t always easy, but it’s always worth it. How will you make this fall your healthiest one yet?

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