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5 Tips for Holding Yourself Accountable


5 Tips for Holding Yourself Accountable

The first step in reaching your fitness goals is to actually set them, but what happens after that? Make the best of your fitness journey by holding yourself accountable to these goals. To help you out, we are sharing some tips and tricks for personal accountability:

Take a Risk
If you are serious about reaching your goal, you shouldn’t mind taking a risk that will help you reach it. For instance, if you don’t reach your weight loss goal by a certain date you have to give a certain amount of money to your ‘competition’. This works well if you make a fitness bet with a friend.

The idea of taking a risk is to encourage you to succeed and, in the beginning, it might urge you not to fail.

Visualize Reaching Your Goal
Your imagination can be very powerful. Daydream about reaching your goal and create a positive mindset towards it. As they say, “Keep your eye on the prize.” If it helps, decide on a certain date or event when you want to reach your goal. Picture yourself in the situation: what are you wearing, who are you talking to, and how are you feeling? Visualizing this process might help you to envision your future success.

Phone a Friend
As it goes with accountability, you cannot go into it alone. If you don’t like sharing your personal journey on your social media networks, share your goals with close friends or family. Ask them to become a support system and hold you accountable to your proposed goals.

The right individual should be hard on you while still being supportive and encouraging, so choose wisely.

Step by Step
Some individuals might become overwhelmed with the size of the goal. The best advice would be to break down the goal into smaller steps. This way, you will be able to experience a sense of achievement after every ‘smaller goal’ is reached. This goes hand in hand with keeping the bigger picture in mind.

Dear Diary
In order to reach your health and/or fitness goals you may have to face some personal demons. When pushing your limits you might discover things about yourself that you were unaware of. Keeping a personal journal will help you deal with these emotions and overcome the hurdles on your goal-driven journey.

There is no one-size-fits-all for accountability. What have you found works best for you? 

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