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5 Items for the Ultimate Wellness Inspired College Care Package


5 Items for the Ultimate Wellness Inspired College Care Package

We remember our first college care packages, with each item wrapped and packed as only a mom does. These packages mean so much when you’re away from home for the first time. Students have a lot on their plates during their first semester at school, as they learn to manage their studies, social calendar, and sleep. A great theme for a care package can be items that encourage your student to take good care of his or her health (and make it easier for them to do so).

Choose one or a few of our ideas to include in your next care package:

1. Insulated water bottle: An insulated stainless steel water bottle allows the user to tote hot or cold drinks to class without any spills. We love the Klean Kanteen version with a coffee-to-go lid. You can also pair a box of tea (or instant coffee packets) with the bottle so your student doesn’t need to take out a second student loan for their campus coffee shop visits.

2. Fruit and nut bars: While they’re getting their schedules figured out, it’s likely that students will run into longer periods of time without meals. We love KIND bars and Larabars for snacks that students can toss into their book bags. They can also mix up dried fruit and nuts and portion them into snack-sized zipper bags.

3. Flavored tuna and/or salmon with whole grain crackers: This combo is a classic for a reason — it delivers a satisfying combination of protein and fiber-packed carbs. We love the Bumble Bee Sensations® Seasoned Tuna Medleys paired with Ak-Mok Sesame Crackers, Triscuit or Kashi woven wheat crackers, or Dr. Kracker Seedlander Snackers.

4. Grocery gift card and a list of dorm room staples: We often hear the students we work with saying that some money for healthy eats would be really nice. Pair a gift card to a local grocery store with a list of great choices to stock in a dorm room.

5. Pre-paid visits to a local yoga, spin, or exercise studio: A gift card for a few visits to a local group fitness center can be great motivation to fit sweat sessions into a busy schedule. Plus, it can also be a nice place to meet other students who would be interested in exploring what the campus has to offer in terms of group classes, intramural sports, etc. Alternatively, if the student uses the campus facilities to workout, you can get him/her a new workout outfit or a gift card so that he/she can pick one out.

What would you include in a care package to keep a student healthy and happy?

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