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Five Creative Ways to Reduce Daily Waste


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2 Comments on “Five Creative Ways to Reduce Daily Waste”

  1. Laura Tabaccki

    I loved the video with Willow.. She had some ideas I didn’t think about. We already wash and reuse plastic zip lock/freezer/sandwich etc bags.. – and our grocery chain has a barrel for the return of the plastic grocery bags (from any store)… But I will begin re-using the bags from the produce isle. nice idea. I don’t get coffee from a shop, but for family and friends that I know do…. I will obtain a clutches (that’s what we call them) or Sleeves and artfully bind them with duct/electrical tape for re-use. Brilliant !!

    1. Bumble Bee Team

      Glad you found the video useful and you’ll implement these waste reduction tactics. We’d love to hear how your family likes them.

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