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4 Labor Day Resolutions to Be your Healthiest through Fall (and Beyond)


4 Labor Day Resolutions to Be your Healthiest through Fall (and Beyond)

Changing seasons is a great reminder to revisit your health-related goals! We are big fans of keeping the healthy habit momentum going year-round. After all, just because you’re not planning to wear a swimsuit much during the fall and winter, doesn’t mean that your body doesn’t deserve to be taken care of. So, this Labor Day, get on board for a healthy fall with these Labor Day resolutions.



  1. Focus on how you feel, daily: Time flies. Wasn’t it just the start of summer? If you focus on how you feel, in the present, on a daily basis you’re better able to make small adjustments to keep yourself feeling good. This way, when the next season rolls around, you’ll be in maintenance mode — maintaining healthy habits — rather than playing catch-up. And a quick reminder: you deserve to feel great.


  1. Plan your meals before the week starts: Sit down with your calendar for the upcoming week and hash out which meals you’ll need to make at home, which you’ll be dining out, and which you’ll need to pack from home to work. This simple step gives you a leg up on the week’s food choices, since you will know approximately how many meals you need to make yourself and can make a grocery list accordingly. If you want to go the extra step and plan what you’ll have for each meal, you get all the planning work out of the way and reduce the amount of “there’s nothing to eat” situations throughout the week.


  1. Practice an electronics curfew: As the days start to get shorter, your sleep habits can feel off. The brain stimulation that electronics provide –– along with the glow from the screen, which can delay the release of sleep hormones –– can keep you up and cause loss of sleep. Try cutting off screen time 30 minutes before you head to bed. That means no TV, computer, phone, or tablet use for at least 30 minutes prior to hitting the hay. Thinking of what to do? This is a great time to meditate, do a relaxation yoga series, read a book, journal, or write someone a letter.


  1. Make the sweets really count: Added sugar can really add up, and it can come from obvious places, like dessert or soda, as well as less obvious places like breakfast cereals and yogurt. As the weather grows cooler, many of us are tempted to partner that mug of coffee or tea with a cookie . . . or to make that mug of coffee or tea hot cocoa instead. Some of us might switch our usual peanut butter toast breakfast for a muffin or scone. None of these changes will do your health in on their own, but if you include sweets multiple times in your day, that added sugar can really add up. This means that high sugar foods are replacing more nutrient-rich foods, or it can mean they’re popping into your diet in addition to your other usual foods and leading to excess calories. Choose one sweet food daily that you really love, have a moderate portion of it (around 150 calories), and make your other choices throughout the day lower in sugar.



What Labor Day resolutions would you add to this list?

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