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July 2016

In short, they’re not necessary and may even harm your weight loss efforts in the long-term. Artificial sweeteners are lumped into a broader category called high intensity sweeteners, which are sugar substitutes that are more often sweeter than natural sugar, by weight. This includes a range of sweeteners: from the well-known,… Read More»

When you think of working out in the water, you probably envision swimming lap after boring lap or taking a slow-paced water aerobics class. While those two methods are frequently used, they are far from the only choices available. If you haven’t incorporated a little H2O into your workout routine, now is the time to… Read More»

Chrissy Carroll is a registered dietitian, certified personal trainer, runner, triathlete, and an all-around wellness enthusiast. She blends both her personal and professional passions into her blog, Snacking in Sneakers, where she talks about balancing food, fun & fitness. Chrissy shares healthy recipes, running and triathlon tips, and sports nutrition information… Read More»