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February 2012

A risk factor is anything that increases the possibility that you will develop breast cancer.  Risk factors are attributes that you cannot control, such as your age and family history, as well as those you can control – “lifestyle” factors like diet, alcohol consumption and weight.  When talking about risk… Read More»

February is the month of love — and that love extends to a love and respect for your health and body.  In honor of Heart Health Awareness Month, we’re challenging you to incorporate more of these 5 heart healthy superfoods into your weekly meal and snack rotations.   Black beans:… Read More»

Kathleen is the owner of She Rocks Fitness. She is a runner, yogi, cyclist, strength trainer, and healthy chef who works hard, plays hard, and enjoys life to the fullest. She believes you don’t have to give up the things you love to achieve your fitness and health goals. It’s… Read More»