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January 2012

How much thought do you give to your running socks? Having the right pair of running shoes is definitely important, but what is often overlooked are the socks supporting your shoes. From staying in place, to preventing moisture, to providing support, you’d be surprised what a difference the right pair… Read More»

Q: Which is better choice to use in my coffee?  Coffee-mate Fat Free Vanilla or Coffee-mate Sugar Free Vanilla? A: We wouldn’t call either a “good” choice.  Per Tbsp, the fat free version of Coffee-mate contains 25 calories, 1 gram of fat, and 0 grams of saturated fat.  While the… Read More»

Brigid, the blogger behind Live, Breathe, Huzzah, started reflecting on her life, fitness, and the meaning of health and happiness, while approaching her 30th birthday. Her blog reflects this journey in living an active, healthy life full of fun! She is a runner (5K to 13.1), avid sports fan (Redskins… Read More»

Ratatouille is the ultimate comfort food in France. Although perhaps not thought of as a comfort food here in the U.S., it should be. A rich stewed mixture of fresh garden vegetables is satisfying any time of year. We make our version with a lot less fat than the traditional… Read More»