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10 Meatless Meals to Make for Lent


10 Meatless Meals to Make for Lent


As dietitians, we love Lent. It’s a chance to promote more plant-based and seafood meals, which most people don’t eat enough of anyway. Here are 10 meatless lunch and dinner recipes to make sure you are well nourished and satisfied during Lent, and beyond!

1. Salmon Zucchini Linguini from Live Best

We love the ease of this meal. If you have a can of wild salmon on hand, some pasta, and veggies, you can have dinner on the table in less than 30 minutes. That’s a big win in our book!

2. Spiced Vegan Lentil Soup from Carrots & Cake

This is one of our absolute favorite soup recipes. It’s so flavorful and satisfying–– it will please even the meatiest of meat eaters. We’ve made it numerous times for guests and it’s always a hit. Pair it with some crusty bread and a salad.

3. Spaghetti Squash with Cannelini Beans from Triad to Wellness

With hearty mushrooms and a sprinkle of parmesan this recipe has all the right components to give it a more meaty umami flavor without the meat. If you’re looking for a comfort recipe, this one will hit the spot.

4. Sheet Pan Beer-Battered Baked Fish and Chips from Byte Sized Nutrition

This lightened up, baked version of traditional fish and chips is the perfect way to enjoy fish n’ chips at home. We love how Kara describes fish n’ chips as her gateway “drug” into a world of loving seafood!

5. Tomato and White Bean Naan Pizza from Amy Gorin Nutrition.

This easy peasy pizza uses white beans as a base and a topping, which adds more protein to this meatless meal. Fresh tomato, mozzarella and basil, make it a deliciously fresh (and balanced!) meal.

6. Tuna Burgers with Smashed Avocado & Tomato from Better Is the New Perfect.

Don’t give up burger night, just swap out the meat for one of these tuna burgers!

7. 20 minute Thai Peanut Sauce Rice Noodles from Juggling with Julia

Skip the takeout and try this simple recipe instead! The peanut sauce adds protein (in addition to being delicious!), but you can also add edamame or tofu for an additional protein boost.

8. Salmon Potato Cakes from The Wandering RD

These resemble a cross between a fish cake and a hash brown pancake. It’s the best of both worlds–– yum!

9. Mexican Inspired Shakshuka from Eat Real Live Well

We love this Mexican spin on Shakshuka, which is traditionally a dish of eggs baked in a tomato sauce with peppers, onions and spices, and also one of our most favorite meals to make and eat!

10. Cheesy Baked Tuna Tomato Pasta by Bumble Bee Foods

An Italian comfort food recipe that the whole family will love. Chunks of steaky albacore tuna replace traditional beef, for a fresh meatless update!

If you’re looking for more tasty Lent recipes that will make you forget all about meat, don’t forget to explore our Lent recipes category on bumblebee.com.

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