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Workout Gear Basics – Your Closet Starter Pack


Workout Gear Basics – Your Closet Starter Pack

People are often reluctant to start their fitness journey because they aren’t exactly sure where to start. Decisions such as which exercises to perform to which apparel/footwear basics to buy are all important to the budding gym-goer.

Today, we are going to take a look at some of the workout gear basics for fitness beginners.

Added Support

You might think that a sports bra is only for those doing some serious training, but this is one of the first fitness products you should purchase. A quality sports bra can make a whole world of difference while exercising. If you aren’t certain how to choose a bra specific for your exercise needs, you can read more here.

Keep it Basic

The amount of workout gear you’ll need will depend upon the number of times you exercise per week, as well as how regularly you do laundry. Start out with 2-3 capris for your exercise endeavors. These are ideal for almost all types of exercise. Keep the colors basic so that you can mix and match.

Socks and Underwear

There is nothing that can kill your vibe more during your workout routine than the wrong underwear and socks. Your underwear needs to be fitted and comfortable when you move around, and your socks should be thick enough to prevent blisters.

Basics Tank Tops

Any fitness-lover will tell you that you can never have enough tank tops. These are ideal for layering no matter the season. Opt for tops that are nice and long in the back, so you don’t have to worry about revealing parts that you would rather not.

If you are planning on losing some weight, you can buy some tank tops in smaller sizes – these work great for inspiration.

Time to Step Out

One of the trickier workout items to purchase is your shoes. The type you buy depends on the type of exercises you will be engaging in. If you can afford two pairs, you might consider purchasing both some running shoes and some cross trainers. These will be ideal for both indoor and outdoor exercise routines.

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  1. Linda Hale

    Try Weight Training for Young Athletes. I used that book with my daughter through Junior High School, and she became the number one golfer on her high school team. She could drive over 300 yards.

    We started with 3lb. free weights.

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