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Water Workouts Perfect for Summer


Water Workouts Perfect for Summer


When you hear people talk about working out in the water, your first thought might be a slow-paced, old-school water aerobics class. While that is certainly an option, there are now many different ways to incorporate a little H2O into your routine.

Why Work Out in Water?

Working out in the water is a great choice for people of all ages and ability levels, from elite athletes looking for cross-training options to people just starting on their fitness journey, or recovering from injuries. Thanks to the buoyancy and consistent resistance water provides, water-based training can:

• Lower the impact on your joints without sacrificing intensity
• Help you safely work multiple muscle groups at once
• Increase flexibility due to less restrictions on range of motion
• Increase circulation and reduce post-workout recovery time

Group Fitness Classes

Aqua Zumba: a water-based version of the popular group fitness class that reduces impact while increasing resistance

FloatFit: a class that combines yoga and high intensity interval training exercises on top of an aquabase board in the water

WTRX Water Xtreme: a boot camp format workout featuring newly developed Speedo aquatic training aids, including the “Push Plate” and “Wake” water shoe

SwimSanity: a high intensity aerobic and conditioning workout class that focuses on interval training

Solo Swim Sessions

Strength-Building Water Workout via Experience Life

6 Total-Body Water Workout Moves via Prevention Magazine

20-Minute Water Workout via Fitness Magazine

Speed Splash Workout via Outside Online

Other great options include walking, jogging, or running in waist-deep water, swimming laps in a pool, or renting a stand up paddleboard while on vacation. Wherever you are and whatever your interests include, there is a water-based activity out there for you!


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